Is spanking pleasurable to women?

Only a few men can spank a woman and do it well but don’t worry. Like other arts, one can learn the art and perfect it. Unlike gay spanking movies, proper spanking of a woman can yield a mind blowing pleasure that can even lead to orgasm.

Just like it is the case with women’s reproductive organs that they have to be sexually stimulated for one to enjoy sex, the same determines whether spanking will be pleasurable or not. Basically, when a woman is spanked, the message is sent to the brain which in turn reciprocates by increasing the amount of endorphin in the blood. This is achieved through activation of nerves which in turn increases skin’s sensitivity and the blood flow to the vagina.

The amount of pleasure a woman experiences through spanking is dependent on the length and quality of foreplay accorded. Similarly to when men spanking men, sexual stimulation in women is also determined by how focused her mind is. Therefore, a woman cannot be thinking of how she will go shopping or cook her favorite meal and expect spanking to yield expected results.

In short, the more sexually focused a woman is, the more stimulated she will become and in turn, the more pleasurable spanking will be.

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