Is it Normal to be Bisexual?

Introduction Scientifically, being bisexual is not normal, and it also is not a social norm, but it is acceptable and respected today. First things first, being bisexual and being gay is different, as being gay mans to like people of the same sexuality, while being bisexual means to like both sexualities. But why isn’t being bisexual or gay normal? Well, that has a lot to do with human biology.

Sexual Desire With a mass majority of people, they are biologically programmed through sexual hormones to be attracted to the opposite sex. This ultimately helps the human population reproduce as they would commit sexual acts with the opposite sex. Unlike some organisms, we are required to have sex to create offspring, thus instinctively, sexual desire has evolved to be part of us.

Why am I Gay or Bisexual? Being gay or bisexual is usually viewed in society as a choice, but it really is not. Instead, it is due to a lack of certain hormones within the human body that causes the person to be gay or bisexual. Also, the influence of your surrounding environment and the way your brain developed have an affect on your gender and sexuality.

Conclusion Again, ultimately, being gay or bisexual is not normal for a person, but in our present day, it is perfectly acceptable. So remember, no matter how you feel or how you are described to be by both yourself and by others, respect others and respect yourself.

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